Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How to Get Your Daughter to Let You Brush Her Hair

Darling Daughter has koala ear hair today!

Demonstrated by the photo. Bit lopsided for my liking but I was in a rush for work and who knows what it would be like if daddy did it!

The other week she had dinosaur tail hair, to match her dinosaur t-shirt! A ponytail with three plaits coming out of it!

Darling daughter HATES having her hair brushed and tied back! But if I leave it down it bugs her because it gets in her face! As well as that she tends to pop her food in it for later. So in an effort to get her to let me do it with out a screaming match I am making up nonsense so she'll let me at her!

I'm getting to be quite imaginative with the tales I spin her in order to get tasks she hates done!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Cool Idea for Your Linen Cupboard

I managed to squeeze a bit of daytime T.V into my busy schedule today and got a great idea from the talk show The Talk. They were talking about reorganizing cupboards and stuff.

One of the suggestions for linen cupboards was to keep bed sets together by storing each set in one of the pillowcases.

I realize my explanation may not be the best so I googled it to get a picture and found this on the Martha Stewart site, click on the image to see probably a better explanation.

My linen is all over the ocean, in different cupboards, under the bed.... I had a big clear out of junk last week so have some cupbaord space free so I will definitely be trying this, just need the fancy linen to do it with!


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It's Been a While....But....

I'm back!

By popular demand!!??!!

Eh...not quite.

I'd like to think so but no just by the most important demand....the demand of my mum, sister, Lovely Hubby, my bestest U.K chum and my bestest Kiwi chums. Well ok they didn't demand it but they asked after my blog. I thought that was good a reason as any to fire up the old Blogeroo again.

Now I have made a return to life as a working woman it may not be as frequent or long winded as before but rest assured I will find some inane drivel to natter on about....

Meanwhile here's a wee pic that I feel sums me right up!